Como funciona Airplay
1. Sube tu música y elije a tu audiencia How airplay works icon notes 200x50
Comienza bajando tus canciones y fotos. Luego, selecciona a artistas pupulares cuya música es similar a la tuya.
2. Sea escuchado en Radio por Internet y adquiera fans How airplay works icon fans 200x50
Su música es escuchada por los oyentes de las estaciones con los artistas populares que usted eligió. Estos oyentes son los mas probables de convertirse en su fan.
3. Obtiene informes y datos sobre tus nuevos fans How airplay works icon report 202x50
Recibe detallados informes sobre tus nuevos fans, un gran recurso para conocer a tu público.
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Artistas Independientes siendo escuchados ahora mismo
Te están escuchando los fans de:
The Sax Pack, Jessy J y más!
1,640 reproduce   26 fans
Te están escuchando los fans de:
The Magic Numbers, Simon & Garfunkel y más!
26,780 reproduce   768 fans
Te están escuchando los fans de:
James Blunt, Bob Marley y más!
48,872 reproduce   660 fans
Te están escuchando los fans de:
The Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars y más!
5,033 reproduce   97 fans
Clientes de Radio Airplay
“Primarily, we use Radio Airplay as a tool to gauge how our music is received by an audience that is not our normal "live performance" audience. We play shows all around Missouri and have gathered a loyal fan base there, but we are interested in how our music is received by people in other areas that are hearing us for the first or second time. We'll use things like fans per song ratio, and PopScores as a way to identify which songs have the most mass appeal, and then use these songs in competitions, etc.”
— Shotgun Creek (Since June, 2015)
“I have benefitted from your service by asking and recieving feedback from fans who have heard my music playing in places where I could not possibly have reached without Radio Airplay.”
— Runaway Rodeo (Since July, 2012)
“Radio Airplay fits perfectly into my promotional plans for generating internet/social media buzz. With limited outlets in Chicago for independent artists in the music industry, Radio Airplay is a great option that allows fans to get to know my music and who I am at the click of a button.”
— Honey Padre (Since October, 2015)
More Testimonials on Radio Airplay
Blogs Sobre Radio Airplay
“Bandas no consiguen mucho éxito sin algún tipo de promoción, sea pagado por sus sellos o obtenido a travéz de nuevos modos de promociónes sociales y servicios para artistas.”
“Si los fans de una banda dicen que les recuerda a U2, esa banda ahora puede focalizar sus emisiones sólo a los fans de U2.”
“Es un servicio que entrega todo lo que promete.”
“ has helped thousands of artists sell their music directly to music fans who would otherwise have no way of hearing them which makes a friend to the musician community.”
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